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Drug Available in UK Extends Life of HIV Patients

After more than 10 years of researching better treatments for HIV patients, a new drug had been found in UK to lengthen the life expectancy of the victims. The recent introduction of Pfizer's drug Celsentri (Maraviroc) is truly helpful for the patients as it guards the entrance of the immune system and blocks the HIV, which in turn delays the process of developing into AIDS.

Although the drug is not a cure-all treatment, this is an alternative that patients can look forward to since not all symptoms are remedied by other available HIV drugs in the market. Many AIDS organizations have shown interest in the drug saying this is a good sign of innovation and will aid to reduce the progression of HIV into AIDS.

Maraviroc comprised three drugs collectively made into one creating highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) that lengthens the lifespan of HIV patients.

But recent findings showed that some patients have resistance to the product making it not advisable for them to take.The drug was approved in August for public use in the U.S. under the brand name Selzentry. It is taken orally in combination with the other anti-retroviral drugs.

The drug's mode of action works as it becomes a microscopic blockade of the CCR5 receptor, which the HIV virus usually strikes, as it enters the immune system particularly the CD4-T-cells.

When the cell receptor is blocked, it makes the body more resistant to infection of the cells and slows down the process of developing the virus into full-blown AIDS. As this happens, complications are being delayed making the HIV-positive patients to live longer.

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