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My Cure Theory for HIV - AIDs

HIV has many different strands or forms making it almost impossible to find an efficient answer for vaccination. Over in other countries (Asia and Africa to name a few) where there is prostitution, scientists have discovered that prostitutes have become immune to the virus in a couple different ways. Scientists have discovered that the immune system of prostitutes has found a way to fight the virus. How could this be? HIV is being stopped in its tracks from becoming Aids. Is the virus, HIV fighting against different strands or forms of itself? Think about it. You have different strands of the virus, meaning several different partners with different types of strands of HIV. You have a prostitute with one type of strand (the control patient). The resultant different strands introduced to a control patient with one strand equals different outcomes. After years of research and billions of dollars in funding, ironically, sexually, prostitution has found a key to fighting Aids. There are no known cures for viruses or even for the common cold. But figuratively speaking why try so hard to fight an enemy, when you can use an enemy against themselves. With the discovery of different strands and forms of viruses, is there a possible way we can use a virus against itself? Bottom line is that sometimes finding a cure for something can seem almost impossible but fighting fire with fire can result in the ultimate answer. Keep in mind with every new idea or answer arises many questions for the long term outcome. Our answers to life may give us new hope but may also be our ultimate downfall. I wrote this just to get a professional medical research opinion. This virus has been around for ages and needs to be stopped like all other bad diseases and viruses. I just wanted to post my idea in good faith to help find a cure.


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