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HIV AIDS Treatment and Medicine

Active oxygen or medical ozone is a form of oxygen molecule which contains large excess of energy which it also uses to kill HIV, viruses bacteria and germs on contact. Active oxygen / medical ozone also kills HIV and viruses by using the by products formed when it mixes with bodily fluids. At low concentration i.e. therapeutic concentration, omnivir active oxygen / medical ozone is a colourless and odourless gas. The medicine / medical ozone is an unstable gas that cannot be stored and should be used at once because it breakdown very quickly into stable oxygen (normal oxygen that we breathe). Therefore the omnivir active oxygen is administered upon production straight from the machine.

Medical ozone is produced by passing clinical pure oxygen through high voltage quartz tubes and a cold spark method is used to generate uncontaminated medical ozone, thus suitable and safe for treatment purposes.

At right concentration, medical ozone kills 99.999% lipid viruses and bacteria in the test tube, water, bodily fluids and in the air.

Active oxygen deactivates and eventually kills the virus by destroying its protective skin. Using omnivir medicine properly will help to reduce the HIV viral load in the body, enabling the body to fight opportunistic infections on its own. Omnivir gas is quickly absorbed into the whole body and lymph, even into the bone marrow where it acts against the viruses. The active oxygen's destructiveness nature on HIV, virus and bacteria is partly attributed to the oxidation (burning of viruses) of unsaturated bonds in the phospholipids and lipoprotein architecture of the bacteria, viruses. All viruses cant live in oxygen , (they breathe nitrogen) , thus surrounding them with highly active form of oxygen / medical ozone will quickly inactivate and kill them.

Omnivir treatment gas does not only kill HIV or opportunistic infections, but also helps to boost the immune systems by raising the CD4 count. The immune system contains different types of cells that help protect the body from infection. One of these types of specialized cells are called the CD4 or T-cells. HIV attacks these types of cells and uses them to make more copies / multiply. And in doing so, HIV weakens the immune system, making it unable to protect the body from illness and infection. The less the CD4 cell count the more you are susceptible to AIDS causing infections. Using omnivir will help you stay health and live a normal long life by killing the HIV and aiding reproduction of the CD4 T Cell

How Electrotherapy and Far Infrared helps on HIV: Product Name - HiCare

Specific electrical current levels, when exposed directly to HIV adversely affects it multiplication process by ripping off its skin and eventually the kills it. The special current that is pulsed into the body to kill the HIV is about 10, 000 times smaller than the current needed to electrocute an average human being or damage human cells. These micro electrical current pulses, aid production of vital CD4 cells, hence boosting the immune system. The CD4 cells are needed to kill foregin bodies eg germs, bacteria that enters your body. Without or with few CD4 cells, you will be prone to AIDS and to a wide range of opportunistic infections. Microcurents are so potent in cell regeneration, its even improvised to accelerate wound healing and for facelifts. HiCare uses electromagnetism to induce micro-currents deep into the body and lymph system to inactivate and kill HIV by ripping off its protective protein envelope /lipid layer.

The built in electro-acupuncture (Acupoint) system harnessesthe most powerful medicine known to man, that is body's own natural healing and curing mechanism. Based on the principles of acupuncture, it also sends electric micro curent pulses (or wave form) to stimulate the correct flow of electromagnetic energy to the relevant part of your body. Using the Approved Medical Grade microcurrent pads, you can target swollen glands and part of the lymphatic system to inactivate and kill the viruses and other opportunistic pathogens locked inside. Acupoint does not only help to fight the HIV, but is also very effective in accelerating tissue repair, cell regeneration and boosting the immune system. In fact, such is the success of Acupoint that today it is used by doctors and medical professionals throughout the world to treat hundreds of serious and minor ailments - even when everything else has failed. HiCare Acupoint has eight (8) different intensity level settings, making it suitable for use by persons of all ages

HiCare also features a portable Far Infrared Radiation Detox System, which sends far infrared radiation energy deep into the body to help rid the body of, toxic heavy metals, reduce body's level of acid and residue such as chemical toxins (eg by-products of chemical drugs), free radicals caused by HIV, and other impurities. Infrared radiation also improves blood circulation, fights infections, improves general wellbeing, pain relief, reduces physical and headache pains.

HiCare remedy helps to fight HIV / AIDS by inactivacting the virus and fighting opportunistic infections which leads to AIDS. If HIV progression is not controlled, it normally leads to immune deterioration whereby the body is prone to a variety of infections. In most cases HiCare reduces viral load to near or undetactable levels within six months, without any side effects. The less the viral load in the body, the stronger the immune system might become. HiCare helps to keep the immune system strong enough to fight opportunistic infections on its own.


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